Apostolic Church of God 7th Day

A Ministry Driven Church

Pastor John O. Millwood, Senior Pastor

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Visit the Apostolic Church of God 7th Day

Welcome to the Apostolic Church of God 7th Day under the leadership of Pastor John O. Millwood.  We are a multi-cultural, Sabbath-keeping Church of God.  We would be honored if you and your family would visit us this Sabbath (Saturday) for a day or worship and praise.

To learn more about our beliefs, ministries, services and how we support the community, please explore our site.   We also invite you to join us for bible study, worship and prayer.  We look forward to having you here with us.

Where is the Church located?

825 West Merrick Road
Valley stream, New York 11580
Phone: (516) 400-9940
Email: info@apostolic7day.org.

You can reach us by car, bus or train. Click here for Direction by Bus or Train.

What to expect when you visit us.

Each and everyone who walks through our doors is greeted by our Hospitality Ministry .  They will accommodate you and your family with a seat, and assist you with any special needs you might have.

What is a typical Sabbath worship service

The Sabbath is our day of rest.  It begins on Friday evening and concludes on Saturday evening. It is a weekly time set apart by God for us to rest and focus on what really matters: gratitude for our lives and our communities, and for the growth of the spirit. An important part of that is the opportunity to pray and worship.

Our service schedule:

  • Morning Worship 10:30 am
  • Sabbath School: 11:00 am
  • Divine Service: 12:30 am | JOIN US LIVE
  • Evening Program: 5 pm

Weekly services?

  • Mid-Week Bible Study - Wednesday at 7:00 pm
  • Prayer Conference Call - Tuesday at 8:00 pm and
  • Prayer Conference Call - Thursday at 10:30 pm
  • General Day of Worship - Saturday (Sabbath) at 10:00 am

Monthly services:

  • Fasting: 1st Sunday of the month at 10:00 am
  • Men of God Ministry - 1st Saturday evening at 4:30 pm
  • Women of Faith Ministry - 2nd Saturday evening at 4:30 pm
  • Youth Ministry - 3rd Saturday evening at 4:30 pm
  • Prayer Ministry 3rd Saturday night at 8:00 pm

We host services on Friday evenings (sometimes),  Saturday morning and evenings.  Check our events calendar for more information.

Do we play music?

Yes!  The Apostolic Music Ministry is committed to leading God's people into worship, fellowship, and welcoming the Holy Spirit into the atmosphere before the word is preached.  These sessions range from traditional Gospel to Contemporary Christian music and sacred hymn.  The experience is supernatural, vibrant and spirit filled. Lives are transformed in an outward expression of praise and worship welcoming the Holy Spirit.

Attire for sabbath services.

You might wonder how you are expected to dress at a church you’ve never visited before.  We do not place restrictions on guests. Please come as you are!  But on any given Sabbath, you will typically find women adorned in modest apparel. Often, people “dress up” for Sabbath services, wearing business casual or business formal. During services you may see some people wearing head coverings or a prayer shawl.

Tithes and Offering

We are thankful to God for opening new doors for our ministry and are grateful to be able to serve Him with you.  We believe that giving is a matter of the heart and that each person should give according to what the Lord has purposed in their hearts.  If you have been blessed by this ministry and God has touched your heart to support it financially, we would be blessed to receive your offering.

Your offerings and donations can be given in person or online.

Fellowship Lunch?

Yes! Fellowship lunch begins promptly after service.  Visitors are invited to join us for lunch in the fellowship hall where one of our food committee members will provide you with a meal.  Children are served earlier.  You are also welcome to bring your own lunch.


We sincerely hope you’ll visit us this Sabbath!  We pray that through the Word of God and our worship, your faith will be strengthened.