Apostolic Church of God 7th Day

A Ministry Driven Church

Pastor John O. Millwood, Senior Pastor

Make a bold statement

Apostolic Youth Ministry History

In the early 1990’s, Evangelist Linden Millwood had a vision of creating a ministry within the Church that would minister to the spiritual, emotional, and social needs of every young person who was an active member of the church. Evangelist L. Millwood was fueled with a passion and desire to ensure that the youth of the church were not lost as a result of feeling disconnected from the very church they attended. With that God-given conviction, He drafted a plan that would change the life of the Apostolic Church of God 7th Day forever.

After much prayer and the blessing of the church board, Evangelist L. Millwood formed the Warriors Working for Christ (WWFC) Youth Ministry. The WWFC Youth Ministry quickly gained momentum through planned in house fellowship gatherings, visits to youth ministries across the Eastern seaboard, prayers, bible studies, and even formed a choir – the “Anointed Voices”, who traveled to several churches across the eastcoast ministering the message of God’s love and grace through song. However, it was our annual “Stand” Conferences that gave the young people of the WWFC Youth Ministry the opportunity to shine. Every “Stand” Conference touched the hearts of the youth in the church as well as all the youth who were in attendance.


Evangelist Linden Millwood’s vision lives on through the work of the Apostolic Youth Ministry today.

In the mid 2000’s, through the inspiration of Minister (who is now Pastor) Andrew Clarke, our name was changed from Warriors Working for Christ to the Apostolic Youth Ministry.


The mission of the Apostolic Youth Ministry is summed up through the acronym R.E.A.C.H. We seek to REUNITE non-believing youth in relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and personal savior, ENGAGE them with other Christians through, worship and fellowship, while helping them ADVANCE in their Faith. Through the power of God we also seek to teach every young person how to CULTIVATE their God-given gifts, and inspire them to HONOR God with their lives. Through the many programs and events hosted by the Apostolic Youth Ministry, young people have accepted Christ, cultivated gifts and talents that are utilized both in the church and abroad, and continue to grow into individuals poised to accomplish great things in school and in the workplace. The future of the Apostolic Church of God 7th Day not only looks bright, but it is anointed and filled with youthful voices that will make an impact in the church, the body of Christ, and in the Earth.