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Pastor John O. Millwood, Senior Pastor

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Apostolic Hospitality Ministry


The Hospitality Ministry includes the following Committees: 

Usher Committee

Ushers provide an invaluable service to our church body. They ensure that our services run smoothly by ministering in several ways.  Ushers promote an atmosphere where all members and visitors, feel welcomed.  They guarantee that every person entering the church is greeted, meet the needs of the Pastor and congregation during service, assist Deacons during tithes and offering, and help keep distractions to a minimum.

Food Committee

It was not a sermon but a dish that taught us to care. It was not a song but a drink that taught us gratefulness. It was not a prayer but fellowship that showed us the importance of helping.  Food is the nutrient for the natural man, but through service we cultivate our spiritual lives, serving in a spirit of love and patience. Food provides an invitation and opportunity for us to serve each other while building strong personal bonds.  This ministry is filled with talented chefs, bakers and caterers who strive to use their gifts and talents for the service of the kingdom.  The Apostolic Church of God is a Ministry Driven church who sees the need to minister holistically to both the physical and spiritual need of the believer.

Transportation Committee:

The Transportation Committee is responsible for transporting members and non-members who would like to attend our Sabbath, bible study, and prayer and deliverance services.

Acquisition and Member Retention Committee:

Every member, and prospective member, should be able to experience an atmosphere in which to grow spiritually, to know a sense of belonging and identity, and to use their spiritual gifts in the advancement of mission. Creating such an environment requires a deliberate plan of action that will help to create a loving atmosphere with each member taking a personal interest in others.  The Acquisition and Member Retention Committee is tasked with the responsibility of creating a church fellowship that will attract new members, help them get integrated into the life of the church family, and advance in the pathway of discipleship.  The Committee will also focus on meeting the needs of existing members and keeping them engaged to prevent future losses.

Health and Wellness Committee

Our Health and Wellness Committee is staffed with medical/nursing personnel who are equipped to assess and refer.  Our first line of treatment is prayer and assessment. We are equipped to do bloodgucose monitoring, temperature assessments, first-aid to minor laceration and abraision.

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